To send the page to open the PC

This operation is done with a server at the beginning of the application server list.

・Working in Mobile

Go to the page you want to share a browser.
Select Sharing from the menu.

WebDAV File Manager Select from the list.

The screen below and be successful, "Send URL" is displayed.

・PC Operations

Open the browser you are using.

Enter the URL of the WebDAV server in the address bar. Log in by entering your username and password will be asked then.

"ShareURL.html" Click open the file because there is.

Appears then just send the URL.
You can see the site and have them click on the URL.
"ShareURL.html" I think very helpful and always keep a file open.

If you can not log in the browser, the WebDAV client software on your PC "ShareURL.html" Please try to open.

That could be removed for a list of URL and updating the application, if you want to leave, please leave and save.
Also, you can remove the list of URL in the application configuration screen.

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